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Start a New Relationship with the World of Subtle Energy

Start a New Relationship with the World of Subtle Energy

True healing really powerful healing only occurs when you work with energy. As a clinical psychologist specializing in chronic disabilities, I was convinced by case studies I was working on that we are interconnected and that there are reasons (not always understood by us) for most things that happen to us. I somehow knew with my whole being that I had to travel to India to learn more, so I left my job leading clinical trials at the University of Maryland to explore this new, and exciting, world.

The Universe responded - and presented the knowledge I sought. The Amazing Power of the Universe is Here for You On the sacred isle of Iona, I first felt the Earth breathe. My teachers taught me how to work with what I was seeing and experiencing. Energies from the past began to visit me, and I spent time working with battlefields from the Civil War and Normandy. This is how I learned how to use my deep intuition, my clairsentience (the ability to sense someone else's energy), and my clairaudience (psychic hearing) to help people discover and live their Soul Fire. My Background Lets Me Be a Powerful Mentor to Your Divine Self My background is a solid blending of the pragmatic science of Western medicine with the esoteric energy work of Eastern medicine.

It is both my passion and my mission to show others -people like you, who are open to hidden possibilities- how to use energy and the unseen realms. It's through this synchronicity of our energy with the Earth's energy that we can transform the planet and truly have peace on earth.


New Business Owner in Tampa, Florida

"Katherine, Thank you for doing the Clearing Deeply series. I was feeling so stuck, frustrated in my work, my marriage, and with myself. I kept bumping up against the same issues over and over. Now in less than 3 months of doing the series of meditations and working with clearing, I have a totally new life. I got my freedom - mostly it was a decision that happened inside from this deep work.

Besides the Creating Light Sanctuaries program. I've designed other ways to help you explore the world of subtle energy that surrounds us:

  • Training programs for professional organizers and Feng Shui specialists.
  • Training and tutoring for those who seek to explore land healing in greater depth.
  • Personal coaching to help you grow into all you are capable of becoming.

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The people I connect with best are:
  • existence of other realms.
  • Looking for something more to life.
  • Certain that life can become something different, instantaneously.
  • Spiritually connected (to Life, the Universe, God, whatever name you give that Power).
  • Seeking a mentor who can guide them to take charge of their own journey in this life.

Credentials, Professional Training & Affiliations

  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology University of Georgia, Athens
  • Post Doctoral Fellow: Duke University Medical Center, and George Washington University
  • Certificated in Oriental Philosophy of Healing, Traditional Acupuncture Institute
  • Director of Mind/Body Research Complementary Medicine Program, University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • 500 Hour Certificate Massage Therapy, Potomac Massage Therapy Institute
  • Certified Jin Shin High Touch Acupressure
  • Ordained Minister, Order of Melchizadek
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Practitioner, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Zero-Balancing, BioGenesis Healing
  • Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology


We are dedicated to helping people create the lives they will love living. Creating a life one truly loves can involve many different areas of focus. We are a place for learning about your path to true healing and balance.

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