What are the 12 Rays of Creation?

The 12 Rays of Creation are the vibrations of light that make up the entire multi-verse. In the journey toward enlightenment all souls move through various aspects of light before rejoining the positive light. The 12 Rays of positive light help speed the process of mastery and enlightenment and serve as tools for living a Soul Centered life.

How does one use the 12 Rays of Creation?

The 12 Rays of Creation are tools and healing vibrations that one can consciously learn to utilize for living Soul-Centered Mastery-filled. Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, also known as The Tibetan, has taught about the 7 Rays through the books of Alice A. Bailey. Rays 8 through 12 were brought through
the late Janet McClure with info dessiminated through the Tibetan Foundation, Inc.. DK continues his work with Terri Newlon at TerriNewlon.com to make the attunements widely available.

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul continues to work with many various lightwokers and channels all over the world to expand the teachings and assist humanity at these times. Each of his teachings stand on their own and are part of his expansive collection of teachings.

He teaches classes through this channel and others for learning to use the Skills of Mastery and the 12 Rays of Creation. You may learn to use the Rays through books, classes or individual sessions with his collaborators. As with anything in life, its good to use discernment when choosing a channel or group to work with .... Choose a teacher or group that feels warm and inviting and good to you and your body.

What is the benefits of receiving the 12 Ray Attunements?

Receiving the 12 Ray Attunements harmonizes, potentizes, and downloads the vibrations of the the Positive-Only aspects of the 12 Rays to you. The Attunements make it easier to move beyond that which is holding you back from being your True Light of Your Soul.

The vibration of the positive-only of 12 Rays provide you access in your field and being to the most positive energies of mastery in every moment of your living. It becomes easier to remember your own Inner Knowing - your Truth, and to access to Highest Wisdom. As a World Service, you carry these vibrations everywhere you go, making positive light available and accessible to all sentient beings.

The positive Rays work much like Reiki Symbols healing wherever the person with the attunement goes.

Purchase Options:

12 Rays Visual Special:

Bound Book of Transcripts of all 38 of 12 Rays Attunements.

You receive 3 Attunements per Ray Plus Potent Integration Attunements that weave 3 Attunements at a time together.

12 Rays Primer - Quick Notes for Daily Application Handouts and Exercises that go wtih applying and using the rays in everyday living.

Only $ 88.00

Printing is done in batches - based on groups of orders - please allow up to 8 weeks for book alone orders.

33 Day Audio & Visual 12 Rays:

Receive Audio email attunements delivered by email for you. Emails arrive daily approximately every 24 hours.

AND - get the Transcripts and Handouts printed for you to use over and over. Daily exercise emails really enhance referring back to the material while traveling or outside the computer and electronic environment. Both together - Audio and Visual -

CDs of Attunements and Full Color

Transcript Book $259.00
(Save over $100)

The 33 Day - 12 Positive Ray - Deep Cellular Integration Course

Delivered by email

38 potent attunements

Handy daily exercises to put the rays into daily life

Summaries of the attunement to skim to "re-attune" to the energy later.

MP3 Audios and Transcripts of by

Email - $177


The 33 days of 12 Ray audios never cease to amaze me. I am so happy each morning when I get the audio in my inbox. Each teaching is perfectly aligned with what I am going through on those particular days.

Your work lifts me up. What a treat. Many thanks.-----

Lisa Berg Leading Beyond Boundaries

"The timing of these lessons is impeccable and amazing. Each one arrives in perfect timing for what is unfolding in my life." Fairfax, VA "I looked forward to receiving my meditation every day as a yummy touchstone in my life."

Gaithersburg, MD

Purchase one of the 12 Rays Attunements

Please indicate the ray you are seeking when you check out. Each Ray Attunement occurs across 3 Days to Deepen the Energy Integration. 3 Separate Attunements to the Ray....

Such potent Energy Healing Session usually $77

NEW PRICING NOW $25 for 1 RAY Each Ray attunement includes 3 MP3 Audios Attunements AS well as the Transcript to RE-Attune quickly and easily

Two sets for $45
ALL 12 for only $177


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