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Lionsgate Survival Tips 8/8 -8/24

Lionsgate Survival Tips: Now – Aug 24

1- Seriously Drink Water (schedule it, set reminders, and bless it)

2- Pause in its mystery (stop occasionally and take 3 breaths) –

It’s a gift for connecting to manifesting and bringing forth your Divine Self. Allow the positive energies of it in to help your becoming You.

3- All its flames of first to help clear away that which has kept you from fully BEing Aligned, Creative, and Joyful, and thriving in your life.

(Warning: doing #3 may cause big shifts in your perspective on your life, and you may find a total new way of seeing you life, causes you to want to BE more or LIVE more fully. )

This is powerful mysterious transformation energy. 3 Panets dancing in Leo are powerful fire energy – Sun (soul) , Venus (feminine- yin- internal – creative self) , Mars (masculine – yang – out-in-the-world – actions). Then joining in the Leo party, starting Aug 11 through 17, we add Mercury (Knowing- communicating and Divine and other realm.connections).

Jupiter the magnifier also in a fire sign, Sagittarius, goes direct on Aug 11 (same day as Mercury enters Leo)

All with 4 planets retrograde pulling the energies deep inside to transform powerfully.

May you align to the highest positive potential of these for the best outcomes in your life.

I invite you to join in the conscious alignment to the supportive energies with us twice per month with the Celestial Alignments Calls. When you subscribe this week, you’ll get the two special attunements that align the clear and open to the positives of these Leo Alignments, and the special call Wed, Aug 14 for this Aquarian Full Moon.

To find out more message us.

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