Celestial Uplifting Support

Healing the Healer to Thrive

We are at the Liongate with Perseid Meteors giving us access to new info.

With Uranus now retrograde until Jan 11, 2020, retrograding from 6 degrees to 2 degrees Taurus. Uranus entered Taurus in March and will exit in 2026. Taurus is all about our here and now existence.

Uranus here, calls us, and indeed, if we are unwilling, shocks and electrifies us to make changes.

Uranus rules Aquarius and the Aquarian era we are in fully now. At it’s most positive, Uranus allows us to have energy to quick jump forward and make beautiful changes in ourselves, our thinking, and our lives.

With it retrograding, it will quick jump energy forward internally in how we see ourselves, and our capacity to transform ourselves, our lives and our planet.

Abraham Hicks reminds us that “God is the creative center of that which you call you”.

Since this is true, then All things are possible.

Indeed we are Unlimited Unbounded- Free Powerful and Complete!!!

Allow Uranus to keep energizing, and use its energy to simply empower re-membering our Divine Crestive Center over and over in the forgetfulness of Earth bound time existence.

Harness these quick internal breakthrough energies of the retrogrades Taurus to break through that which keeps you from being you – your Divinely Lighted and Connected Self.

For help or support with that join the Celestial Alignments Calls we do each month or join our mystery school teachings for lightworkers and world servers.

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