Celestial Uplifting Support

Augusts Full Moon at 22 Degrees Aquarius allows us to connect to the Positive options of World Service and Quick Change opportunities to align with our Leo InLighted Self.

Full Moons Highlight and energize specific areas of our lives like giving extra energy and bursts of energy to help us move forward.

To harness this Aquarian Full Moon energy, take a few minutes to feel what that energy is calling forth in a Mastery way of your Best most Healing Presence.


Today, We led a powerful bonus call for subscribers to really help the nervous system calm down and harness the Power of these energies for Centered Calm and bringing in Cosmic Wealth.

If youd like to have that type of energy support once or twice monthly or more join our circle and mystery school.

If you’re really ready to leap forward and clear blockages for living your highest InLighted Life, get ready – we will soon be launching our Peace and Prospering clearing series Again – By popular demand.

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