The LightKeepers Wave

A Series of Daily Energy Encoded Audios

These are "energy encoded audios" delivered daily via email, with occasional breaks for a day or two of practice, continuing for about 2 months.

They help to hold yourself steady and to
 build new pathways of light in your aura.
Reiki and BioGenesis are also encoded into the recording for healing. You receive all this just by listening and participating in the guided visualizations offered.
What this will also do is to help hold the Light steady
as the Earth is being exposed to the new energies.

and it also Translates the new energies coming in
into a level of consciousness, a bandwidth
that you and all around you, can use in a more useful way.
This LightKeepers Wave Series is important to do in consecutive order as it is given, for it builds the aura and designs the new lightbody. Offering new pathways of Light.

This then "plugs you in" to the new now energies!

Listen to the Introduction Here

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