Keeping the Light- A Daily Call

You are Invited!
To Our New Daily call at 9am and 9pm (est)
"Keeping the Light"
It's about 10 Minutes each day twice a day

 Joining together on the live conference call we amplify the Light and Healing for many. While also creating peace and calm within ourselves.
You may join any day or all of the days! 

until January 26th
9 am And 9 pm


Katherine will lead the live calls Every Day at 9am and 9pm (Est) except on Wednesday's we will join together at 8:50pm right before the BioGenesis group's call.

Afterwards, for those interested, we will continue on the same line
for "The Creating Process" with BioGenesis.

This will evolve into a community call- a Creating Cooperative!
Some days others with the BioGenesis tools will lead.
Please contact us if you are interested!

The morning 9am- Syncronizing with the Spectrum of the Holy Rays of Creation. 

It's 10 minutes of centering using visualization and colors.

Right afterward on the same line, for people with BioGenesis tools, we will Create together each morning.

All others, without the tools, are welcome to stay on the call which amplifies the energies of Creating and to learn the process by listening.

This is conference call is free and open to all!

 We are supported by donations (a single donation or a monthly donation) Or by subscribing to our other calls.

It will always be the same conference number:

(712) 432-1690
Code: 623 251#

Thank you for participating!

The evening focus at 9pm will vary.

On Wednesdays we will Activate the 27 Celestial Spheres- after the BioGenesis group's call.

Sunday Evening
- Activate the Phrases of Affluence.

Monday-There will be Earth healing and Map work, and as needed on other days.

Other days the call will be quite short 5-10 minutes, just before bed or relaxing time.
This way the positive light will affect All  plus the movers, shakers, and policy makers.

Peace and Prosperity Calls For All.
Holding the Light Steady for Yourself, Earth and Humanity.


Vitability Associates
Katherine Wright Desai, Phd