Keeping The Light - Free Recordings


Thank you for your interest in Keeping The Light!  

We held this two month long, twice daily meditation
in December 2012 and January 2013... 

Recorded for use in all time, please find below many 10-15 minute meditation audios. Browse the titles, and try the ones you're attracted to first.

 When there are more people, even one, the energy is amplified. These calls and recordings are free and you join those that were on the live call, adding to the groups energy and being supported as well form the group format.

They help in creating peace and prospering for yourself, the Earth and humanity. 


Donations to help support the costs, are always appreciated and considered a gift in any amount. 

Thank you!

Started on 11-22-12
Listening to the audios will help create a resonance of Peace and Prospering within you. Then you can radiate that positivity out to humanity, if you choose.  

Select an recording from below that you are drawn to or specifically one that would be of assistance to you in the moment.

Am: Serenity Clarity Empowerment

Pm: Spectrum of Healing Light

11-23 Peace Prospering and Harmony

11-23 Pm: Breathing into the body consciously

11-24 Am: Center of Calm

11-24 Pm: Peace Calm and Prospering

11-25 Am: Bringing it Down

11-25 Pm: Magnifying Stillness

11-26 Am: Light Circulation System

11-26 Pm: Into the Body

11-27 Am: Stability and Wellbeing

11-27 Pm: Peace with the Past

11-28 Am: Protective Shield

11-29 Am: Seeds of Light

11-29 Pm: Garland of Colors

11-30 Am: Shielding Aura

12-1 Am: Grace-filled Light into the Skin

12-1 Pm: Shining like a Dandelion

12-2 Am: Wisdom Knowledge and Hope

12-2 Pm: Refined Stillness

12-3 Am: Warmth in Chest

12-3 Pm: Light into Sense Organs

12-4 Am: The Space Between

12-4 Pm: Spaces between for True Healing

12-5 Am: Internal Brilliance

12-6 Am: Silver, Gold and Pristine/Clear

12-6 Pm: Coming Online

12-7 Am: Smoothness

12-7 Pm: Clearing the Field

12-8 Am: Receiving Blessings

12-9 Am: Annointed Strength

12-9 Pm: Gentle Receiving

12-11 Am: Soul Note

12-11 Pm: Peace- Under Your Skin

12-12 Am: Longer, Fuller Recording of our Morning Call- Offering Peace Prayers, Shield Treatment, Dispel the Darkness, Earth Work BioGenesis Treatment

12-12 Noon: Singing Peace and Celebration

12-12 Pm: Cascade of Relief and Peace

12-13 Am: Layered Trinity-Gold, Green, Purple

12-13 Pm: Feeling Silent Calm

12-14 Am: Pathways of Light

12-14 Pm: Harmonic of Stability

12-15 Am: Blue Color with Gold

12-16 Am: Awareness of the positive Awakening

12-16 Pm: Brilliant Peace-Soothing Blue Light

12-17 Am: Green Protective Light- soothing the nervous system

12-17 Pm: Contentment, Solace and Emergence of Hope

12-18 Am: New Vision

12-18 Pm: Transforming Gray Purple

12-19 Am:Peaceful Mind and Emotions

12-10 Am: Circulation of Calm

12-10 Pm: Solstice Eve- The Descent of Light

12-21 Am: Solstice Morn- A Note, A Sound, an Oscillation

12-21 Pm: Energy of Transformation

12-22 Am: Clarity

12-22 Pm: Chest and Throat Relaxation

12-23 Am: Healing Green and Gold Re-building Structures

12-23 Pm: Nourish Our Senses

12-24 Am: Inspiration

12-24 Pm: Light of Hope

12-25: Re-Leaf and Re-lieve

12-26 Am: Throat Chakra

12-26 Pm: Blue, Gold and Purple Green

12-27 Pm: Flexible Stability in Expansion

12-28 Am: Positive Possibilities

12-28 Pm: Steady Stable Guardian

12-29 Am: A Shift of the Senses

12-29 Pm: Harmony Peace Wellbeing and Prospering

12-30 Am: Gift of Grace

12-30 Pm: Positive Pattern Forward

12-31 Am: Excited Hope

1-1-13 Am: All Is Well

1-1-13 Pm: In-Lightened

1-2-13 Am: New Years Resolutions

1-2-13 Pm: Positive Progression of Change

1-3-13 Am: Rest Relax and Release

1-3-13 Pm: Your Best Self

1-4 Am: New Pathways

1-4 Pm: Steady Calm Nourishing You

1-5 Am: Hope Expectation and Joy

1-5 Pm: Silence of Peace Expands

1-6 Am & Pm: Receive Healing Light Consciously

1-7 Am: JOY

1-7 Pm: Creating Stability and Relaxation

1-8 Am: Release Emotional/Mental Knots

1-8 Pm: Wisdom Within

1-9 Am & Pm: Dancing on your Path

1-10 Am: Feel Nourished by the Tree of Life

1-10 Pm: Alignment

1-11 Am: Receiving Divine Radiant Beams of Light

1-11 Pm: Connecting to the Harmonic of Goodness short-7 minutes

1-12 Am: Harmonic of Peace into Mental Body

1-12 Pm: From Black and White to Full Colour

1-13 Am: Understanding Prospering Within the Self

1-13 Pm: Pulse of Peace and the Orchestra of Prospering

1-14 Am: Sunrise Glow of the Heart

1-14 Pm: New Light For Healing

1-15 Am: Attuning to the Earth's Frequency

1-15 Pm: Feel Nourished by Hope

1-16 Am: Expanded Awareness and Awakening

1-16 Pm: Generation of Juvenation

1-17 Am: Softness

1-17 Pm: Well-Being- Filling Your Well of Light

1-18 Pm: Supportive Bouyant Bubble

1-19 Am: Appreciation to Glory

1-19 Pm: Unlock Inner Wisdom and Light

1-20 Am: Resonating with the Harmony of the Universe

1-20 Pm: Positive Power Possibilities

1-21 Pm: Generating Hope

1-23 Am:The Dawn of Your Light

1-23 Pm: Smiling

1-24 Am: Savoring Life and Laughter

1-24 Pm: Warm Gold Sun-Light

1-25 Am: Wellness Within

1-25 Pm: Connecting to the River of Light

1-26: The Brightness of Your Essence

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Peace and Prospering Calls For All.
Holding the Light Steady for Yourself, Earth and Humanity.


Vitability Associates
Katherine Wright Desai, Phd