Higher Harmony Money

12 Rays of Creation
Ray Combos to Manifest Harmony and Money

At its old vibration 4th Ray Positive was known as Harmony through Conflict.
Now with the higher vibration access that is available it is simply Harmony.
With this combo of colors and energies I would call it Awesome Harmony.
DK taught how to work with 4th Ray aura for money years ago.
Now he teaches how to work with this new combo for manifesting money.
He taught the combo for deepening healing as well.
Really nice info.   Yummy energy for Being and Living harmony
as a Peacemaker - Earthkeeper.
Only $33

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4th Ray Positive - Harmony Attunement
Hold the vibration of the positive only light of Harmony
 in all its levels in your field at all times. 
This attunement is an initiation passage into
 the inner vibrations of 4th Ray Positive.
Done in 3 Parts - to take the energy deep
into the cellular level vibration.
Do one of the parts each day across three days
OR space them across a week or month.....
to really really work them deeply into
High Harmony in the body.
Learn more about the 12 Positive Rays Attunements
All 3 attunements Only $25

Which Clearing and Healing Series?

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