Esoteric In the Everyday Guided Courses

Practice Mastery Filled Living in the Everyday

Esoteric Skills for Conscious Living

BEing a Lightworker is all about holding and
allowing higher vibration energy and miraculous
possiblity and creativity to flow through you and
your energy field.  This is very high level World Service
and potent for you as you move through and
toward your journey of Enlightenment.

These courses are designed to help you on your journey.
Each course stands for itself as a potent attunement that
enables your field to hold special information and healing
light to assist the Earth, humanity and all things in it
to have ease and joy in these times of change we are in.

Use your own guidance to know which one is right for you.
Feel free to email us with questions to help you decide.

Potent Course
Attunements and teachings to all the 12 Rays of Creation in a self-study format.
Available by MP3 download delivered to your email account across 33 Days.
To be undertaken with Conscious Care as each change in your field will
create a shift in your life and opportunities for you to move into more and more adept mastery and joy.

Attunements to the energy when Peace Prevails on Earth.  World Service to create Peace on Earth with greater ease and grace in the coming years. 
Each attunement provides the vibrational energy and teachings of the Archetype and ruling planet for the Exalted Positive-Only Golden Age Energies.

Holding these vibrations assists you in creating more mastery and peace within yourself and with those around you.  Having the attunement means you will be providing the knowledge through vibration to all of creation as you move through, so that those who are ready to work at a higher level will have the positive possibilities already translated into a vibration accessible in your current reality.

Land and Home Clearing Course.  Learn to clear negative or stagnant energy and create positive light in your home and work environments to turn them into healing positive sanctuaries for you, your loved ones, and your career or business to thrive.

 Deep Pattern Clearing

Ascended Master Djhwal Khul led a 27 days series,
Clearing 9 Essential Areas that keep you from living your soul purpose.  Daily email mp3 energy clearing across one moon cycle to create deep change in your life.

Living in Joy-Filled Awe Course
Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and The Council of Positive Light teach you the three most important skills for Mastery to Live each Day and each Moment connected to the energy of Joy and Awe.
These are the skills to make the transition easy and graceful through 2016.  Very lovely teachings and quickly applied (30 seconds to 90 seconds) guided exercises that will create a deep connection to Joy in the Now moments of your life!

$125 for all 5 classes and Quick MP3 (90 seconds to 3 minutes) recordings to help you apply them in your daily life


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Katherine Wright Desai, Phd