Astrology & Healing Meditations

Receiving the Gifts of the Astrological Alignments

for Living in Joy and Mastery!

Each month Align and Attune to what is occuring in the sky. Receive the Positive energy blessing gifts of the 12 Planets and the 12 Archetypes they work with to get you through the challenges that are being Divinely brought to each of us and all of humanity as we move fully into the Age of Aquarius and through the transition of 2012 on into 2016. 
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All energies in the Universe come in Trinities with Positive, Negative and Neutral aspects.  We work here to align to the Positive only aspects of the alignments that are taking place. In addition to the alignments within our known planets we are working with the Cosmic Central Sun energies that are spoken of in the energies of many ancient calendar systems.

Our Solar System is moving into a place it was long ago that both the Egyptian and the Mayan and several other ancient calendars wanted to mark for the future generations. Those main alignments call us into Consciousness and help us to move back into what was known as the Golden Age.

Three other area celestial bodies will be having a big affect. Two Comets and an Astroid.  Some see these bodies as negative omens for change.  We work with the energies of the Positive here.

These attunements take your through the energy of the month allowing you to maximize the potent positive of the possibilities being presented to you.

For Lightworkers ....
For those who wish to live more consciously. Don't worry if you don't understand astrological lingo or any of what is going on....

These calls are energy encoded, as healing light for you to receive the relaxing, inspiring and  potent gifts and energy to help you move with greater grace and ease in your every day....

The info on the alignments will be there... mostly you have the yummy energy to help you relax, stay stable and BE joyously who you are through the transition we are all living.

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Many find these meditations helpful when they feel stressed or overwhelmed.

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Christed Full Moon Attunement
Attune to the positive only aspects of the Christed Light gift.  The positive energy to shine your energy directly from spirit into your daily life.  The gifts of adeptness and mastery affecting your perception so you may move have access to more options you would like to have happen in your life.
This attunement includes a great deal of joy and ease of being in the Flow and lots of help with being in the Now.

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I highly recommend the EmWave2 to help stay
grounded and a higher vibration during these times.

It cues you when to breath as you focus on your heart -
gets you into synchrony between heart and mind. Synchrony
makes you more relaxed, joyfilled and happy in the
moments of your life.

Practice over time has powerfully positive results.

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