Lightworker World Peace Attunements

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
Attunements to the Aquarian Exalted Energies

Just like Reiki Attunements impart a vibratory frequency of positive healing light - these attunements are to the vibration of the most positive possibilities for humanity, the Earth, and All Sentient Beings when the
Golden Age of Aquarius is fully realized.

Having these attunements imparts the positive possible frequencies to the Best Outcomes to be available for
new ways of thinking and being in the NOW we are currently living in.

These attunements speed the access to peace and creative new solutions to dilemmas and opportunities that each individual and humanity as a whole are facing these times.

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul guides these attunements to the Exalted/most positive energy of that sign and its potent mastery energies for the Age of Aquarius.

Each attunement includes- aligning and attuning the cells to this powerful supportive energy and the energy of a planet that is key for focusing, the signs of mastery in daily living.

The planet for each attunement is the one that will focus the most positive outcomes for the knowledge of the archetype as we evolve in our understanding in this New Age.

These attunements transform your access to even greater inner peace and mastery skills,
as well as the wonderful
supportive energy of the celestial bodies to assist you with Being the Light of the Truth that You Are - Your Soul Fire.
Aquarian Zodiac and Planet Attunements


Djwhal Khul through Katherine Wright Desai began an Attunement Series
as the Sun entered the
energy of Virgo and did each attunement in progressive order around the Zodiac Wheel of a one year period.

All Are Available through audio now~

Virgo / Venus

Libra / Mercury

Scorpio / Pluto

Sagittarius / Mars

Capricorn / Saturn

Aquarius / Uranus

Pisces / Neptune

Aries / Jupiter

Taurus / Earth

Gemini / Mercury

Cancer  / Moon

Leo / Sun

Each month we offered an Attunement to the positive
aspect of relationship with each of the planets and their ruling archetype.
This is a double attunement
including the planet and the archetype at the same time.

This work is done to bring into physical vibration the availability of the positive aspect of these energies so you may thrive through all the powerful shifting energy and to assist others with this changing as well.

  The Attunements are to be used over and to deepen the integration of the attunements.

Why would you want to do these attunements?

These attunements allow you to hold the energy of the highest positive light of this era in the cells of your body.

This means the highest wisdom of this age is available
to you as you walk your path of enlightenment at this time.

When times are challenging and you simply connect
to the vibration you already hold (Zodiac Aquarian Positive Energy) and Know the solution deep within you-of Light Mastery.

In addition, those who hold these vibrations make them available to 
others - so you carry the vibration of a great gift of the golden peace within you as you go about your daily life.  You truly are the Peacemaker.

Everywhere you go you hold the Light of Exalted Positive Energies, whether you are conscious of them or not.... Its a great service...

Attunements are $35 each (Specify which One You Want)

Includes Transcript of Attunement to Quickly Re-Attune

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