Deep Earth Healing
This recording is one of the most powerful
healing meditations I have ever channeled.
This energy is deeply healing and calming
during times of extensive stress.
Use it to find and hold mastery throughout daily life.
It connects you with deep stillness and
 reminds of the Truth that
All Is Well deep inside your Being.
It is one you can use over and over
for positive change and
deep peace within...
Best bright blessings,

Deep Earth Healing
Channeled on Solstice Holy-Day
Centered Calm and Deep Connection to Love and Wisdome
Receive the healing energy and deep balancing light of the transitions.... Feel the deep inner wisdome and Love from the Universe and your Angels and Helpers in the potent, soothing, Calm energy.
Hold the True Meaning of the Holy-Days -
The Return and Nourishment of
Your Soul Light...

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