Earth Healing Circle


Healing Light and Ascended Master Teachings for Earth Balance

Healing Energy Group for assisting the Earth and eveything of Nature with
ease in birthing into the New Age....

Teachings ancient mysteries and modern concepts to
help you serve better as a Earth Keeper steward.

Meetings will be on 3rd Sundays...
Sunday Evening at 9:15pm Eastern Time
Can't be there LIVE - its okay - you will  get
the recording teachings and the yummy healing energy.

All Healing Work is Self-Healing.
The more healing you do the easier you make it for others
to transform including Mother Earth...
Suggested Donation per event Drop-in Event $25. 
Donate any amount. Or Subscribe to support the work
for only $17 per month.

Join even if this is beyond you financially at this time...
Send money/ a donation or offer to work for us in exchange or pay it forward....

Also, we have audio recordings of previous calls available for you to purchase, scroll down. You can keep these to have for use at any time. Listening later to the recordings, you are still added to the group energy and receive the encoded healing positive Light.
On this page is an example of using the BioGenesis Tools (or you may use others in your own tradition) for direct focusing of positive light to affected areas. 

Which Healing Audio?

Purchase the of the Earth Healing Attunements
Instant MP3 Downloads
Healing the Trees- 
                    The Earth has potent energy points like Acupuncture energy points.  Trees act like needles stimulating and holding energy in specific ways at specific sites.  This attunement stimulates the up and down healing energy in your own field and the same for the Earth. 
                     Healing is done on trees from the past that once were in places that are now desert.  Bringing back the holding nourishing energies to very dry and "forgotten" places in ourselves helps humanity with re-claiming and healing forgotten areas in consciousness.
$12 or multiple audios at a discount
Winds of Change -
 The energy helps smooth the area of transition when energy of one type encounters and dances with the energy of another.  Be these hot and cold air energies or high and low pressure areas.  The areas where there meet can stir up violent storms and be very overwhelming.
The same in our personal life.  All of consciousness if experiencing the calls to change one right after another.  Over and over the old and new energies are swirling and dancing together.  These times can be very turbulent or relatively easy.
This attunement eases the flow of transition from one energy into another gracefully.
Deep Earth - 
There is a very stable element of energy within the understanding of Earth that knows stability in change.  Aligning and attuning with the positive aspects of Deep Earth helps one hold stead in time of change.
There is a connection of deep nurturing and soothing the energy of All Is Well.
A great attunement to do over and over to stabilize and hold steady in calm and ease.
Mountains -  
Healing the places that rise up where areas of friction occur.  This attunement works with the mountains that occur at the juncture of tectonic plates (rather than volcanic moutains).
This energy is for balancing and ease where pressure exists between two moving bodies.  So that which rises up is more supported and stable.
When two differing energies come together something else happens as a result of the connection that we see as a tall and majestic and stable energy.
This attunement helps find that ease in the coming together of disparate energies in ourselves so that new options in our Now can rise up and be and feel stable.

Which Healing Audio?


 Here are examples of using the BioGenesis Tools (or you may use others in your own tradition) for direct focusing of positive light to affected areas.


8 sided Pyramid to Purify


The Wand to Restore Proper Energy Flow
No Voids of Energy


The Wheel of Hope for Hope and Divine Light Assistance


The BioAmplifier to Detoxify and Amplify the effects of the other tools blessings.

Pendant of Eternal Light to Enhance and Access Healing Light


The Light Violet BioTrinity for Truth and Healing Assistance Manifested


Send Prayers and Golden Eggs of Light - like those in the Daily dose recordings
to help restore positive healing energy to "the place" for the best and highest good.

To Access the Latest Earth Healing Audio  -
Soul Fire Flow
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Soul Fire Land Stewardship: Creating Light Sanctuaries


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A Guardian, Photo copyright 2003 De Fano

Music Copyright 2004 Gabriella Kapfer - Music of the Spheres


Creating Light Sanctuaries: Energetic Land Stewardship


Set of three mp3 files totaling nearly an hour and an e-book:

  • How to Clear
  • Creating Light Sanctuary & Guided Clearing
  • Co-Creating Cones Of Protection
  • Use of 12 Rays for Land
    • $197.00 USD  / for the download set of mp3 files  and e-book


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