Positive Money Change

Positive Money Change

Yin Energy of Money Clearing and Launching
The energies of the celestial are all about starting anew in a new way of knowing safety and security.....Money is an area where many lightworkers are feeling stuck and overwhelmed.....and a great place to see tangibly a change in relationship to abundance.
So many systems for change use the Yang focus and at this time Yin and the Divine Feminine is the source of true deep change, especially in the area of being able to receive support.   Receive and  give .... its a mantra for all Lightworkers at this time.
So many of us Give and then Receive replenishment from the Universe rather than allowing the perpetual receiving that is available to us.
In the process of becoming burned out there can become a increase in debt and other indicators that recharging your own batteries is much needed.  In this class we will working with the energies of replenishment and deep nourishment while releasing energetic vibrations that dis-allow Flow of energy including money.
We will bathe our fields and bodies in the wisdome of the 12 Positive Rays of Creation and use potent points on the body to create deep change....and allow more light in the field ....
You will learn a physical acupuressure technique using the Extra-Ordinary Meridian system in a new and specific way to clear on All levels stagnation from Re-Ceiving....
Doing this work in the presence of your healing Positive Light team and in the Synergy of a Lightfilled group is very potent.... Join the fun of Transformation in Joy and Perfection!

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Vitability Associates
Katherine Wright Desai, Phd