Private Consultations & Healing Sessions

To Book a Private Consultation:

 1:25 pm Eastern NY Time
 11:35 am every other week.
There are only a few spaces each month so please Reserve your personal consultation time now or plan ahead for your time of choice.. You may also check in to request a certain day or see if its available..
Text (301) 312-7678  to schedule
or for longer correspondence email
Scroll down to select from a variety of sessions or packages of 3 sessions... 

The Intensive Treatments Option -
To Get the Most Out of Your Healing Journey

 We have found that BioGenesis Transformation Sessions
 are Most powerful when done in a cluster of 3 across a moon cycle
 - for moving through tough patterns energetically

$87 when you book a session once each week for 3 weeks

$147 for one Session

Lifetime Sanctuary Attunement

Aligning to the Positive Only Aspects of your Natal birth chart,
Transit chart, Progressed chart and the Cosmic influences
as they influence All of You.

Offered in service for your achieving your overall Positive Light...
For Use over your Entire Lifetime - especially through 2018.

Suggested donation $288 - This session is more than Four Attunements in one session~

Another Option if this session speaks strongly to you - is to contact Katherine to set up a donation or payment over time

Personal Energy Healing Breakthrough Session

I'd like to engage in a private session
with the Council of Light and Katherine.

I will come to the session with a Focus
or an issue for assistance and light.

I understand this is an energy healing
attunement and mastery living consultation session.

Focus session only - $147

My personal sessions with Katherine over the past ten years have made all the difference in my being able to create a life in alignment with my soul’s purpose.
I could NOT have done it without her. Now, as she includes the biogenesis tools -
even in long distance healing sessions over the phone -
I am in awe of how our work is amplified.
I feel energized and clear for many days after our sessions.
Katherine is such a gift! I highly recommend her to everyone!

Analesa BatShema   
Singer, Artist and Global Leadership Consultant

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