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Sharing Balanced Energy Light to the World 

Blue Bowl Offering.
If you wish to participate
and want to receive benefit from these energy
healing attunements, please donate and/or
assist us in some way so the energy is balanced.
About the Blue Bowl:  Knowing that all of the energy of the Earth is balanced.  In the Aquarian our relationship to giving and receiving must evolve.  And so I do this to allow you to give back in some way to support my continued work with spirit for the benefit of others.
If you cannot contribute very much "money" in exchange, I ask that you pay good energy forward to balance the energy.  The generosity of energy sharing we have given to you, you share with someone else.  Give some of your time or energy to something that you would like to see changed in the world.  Exchange even more than money. 
What can you do to balance the energy? 
Some examples:
If you are an Earth Keeper, then please spend some time sending light and love to heal the Earth.  Do it for about the length of time of that which you receive.  Say you receive a 30 minute The Moon Calls.  Spend 30 minutes during the next moon cycle sending light to Gaia and the Earth in some way.
Or maybe you are very connected to children in your service work.  Take some extra time to be in your most positive light and send light to children.  Read at your local elementary school or tutor a young person.
In the Aquarian, you may wish you use your light to organize connection in your community for creating a great good.  How could you share the light You Are with the world to keep the light moving so to speak?
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