Peace Clarity and Healing


On September 7, 2013 we held a special additional call entitled    Peace, Clarity, and Healing.

Recorded for use in all time, please find below this free audio as our offering to you. It gifts you the positive healing energy of the alignment at that time. 

By listening, we participate with like minded ones around the world - Honoring the wish for peace
and healing the deep wounds with the potentiated power of healing.  

Groups expand this healing light even more.  As you listen to the audio you receive the light from the group and add your light to the expanding light.
It is through a collection of positive light being vibrated and beamed outward regularly  and strongly that the power of peace will spread, and healing light  will create clarity  for the path to hold and maintain harmony in our personal lives and in the world.

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Thank you for participating!

"The astrology with Jupiter and Venus is offering us an opportunity to nourish a path and method for Peace to manifest and flourish.

The call is also to develop more personal clarity and for keeping the middle path, the connection to Source."

Like a lot of our calls, we work for personal peace and growth within, and then send it out to humanity and
make it available for others by embodying it ourselves.


 A donation of any amount is considered a gift and is truly appreciated.


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