Wesak 2015

Join us Live for the

Annual Wesak Gathering! 

Journey in a group meditation led by Katherine to the Valley of Wesak and

Receive the blessings of The Buddha, The Christ and The Three Star One..

Where you can also offer your service for the coming year. It can be to any kingdom- plants, animals, humanity, or to the Spiritual Hierarchy. or what of your choosing.

Many on this meditation journey report this one to be clear and vivid and deeply meaningful.

 Three Sundays in a row-
April 19 - 3:30pm Est/ 12:30 Pacific
April 26 - 3:30pm Est/ 12:30 Pacific
May 3 -   9:15pm/ 6:15pm Pacific
To Purchase All 3 Wesak Calls- $55

This includes all the live calls, the attunements, and the recording of all the calls for your later use and further integration. 
If you miss/ed a live call you can still receive the audio recording. 
 Use the paypal link below


Calling all Lightworkers!

Shape our Future. Different than the Media.
Lets Make Our Own Future!

What do you want in your future?

Don't underestimate the power of us holding the positive possibilities.

You can really be of service by joining The Rays call or the Moon Calls or the Earth Healing calls or the Wesak call.

The power of gathering in group, exponetially amplifies our prayers and wishes.

For more information on all 4 calls and attunements we offer each month for adding more ease and grace and joy in your life and in those around you.
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Katherine Wright Desai, Phd