Positive Rays of Creation - Monthly

Living the Energy of the Rays
Embodying the Esoteric in the Everyday
Living in the NOW journey.

These calls are an In-Depth processes for

 Living Consciously with the Positive Rays of Creation 

 Staying connected in Heart and Spirit.
We walk this journey at this time of the Leap of Consciousness
in community - amplifying Positive Light - 

Learning Powerful Ways to Leap to Higher Consciousness

and Stay in that Place as much as possible.

Together in community we bring in more and more 
embodiment of the even higher Positive Rays of Creation.

Easing the path of the shift for ourselves, for those around us, and

For the Sake of the All.
The energies are Potent Healing for the body and all levels of the field
and the Earth and all Beings around you.
Katherine in her work with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and the Council of Light with the Keepers of the Directions  bring in the Cosmic Higher Ray Energies.
Positive energy for Peace and Healing of the Earth
in these potent times of change.

Much of this work is beyond words and will be in concentrated energy in the group format. The group of participants in these calls are bringing in
Peace Energy and the Energies for Miracles
down into
this plane.

Personally, each who participate will feel ease and more smoothness
as we move thru the Great Transformation, and into the new era.

The circle must contain at least 22 to continue to bring in these
energies.  I hope you will consider being one of the group that
brings in these healing energies. Thank you!

Last Thursdays of the Month at 8:30 p.m. New York Time

Receive the audio recording, and with your intention of being there and supporting the work
you get
a time-release version of the energy attunement
to help you whether you on the live call or not.

$37 per month for one call each month. Join in anytime!
         Recordings of previous calls are available for purchase.


Vitability Associates
Katherine Wright Desai, Phd