Family Pattern Clearings

BioGenesis Healings for Family Patterns


Clearing and Healing Patterns and Snafus that
have you stuck or not living up to or enjoying
your full potential.

Once per month a group healing to treat a common
issue.  Working is a group catalyzes the level of
power of the energy work.

Sessions include guided imagery, information
for moving to the next level and 99 layers of

Since you are working on a Family Pattern these
recordings are suitable to share with related blood
relatives - siblings, aunts/uncles, neices/nephews,
parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

The effects move strongly through 7 generations
forward and backward and also assist with
increasing the light an healing all the way back
to the origins of the pattern or issue.

Being on the Live Call is Powerful!

The integration of the energy is gentle and occurs
in waves of accomplishment at 3 days, 3 weeks,
3 months and 3 years from the time of the attunement.

Listening multiple times increases the integration effectiveness.

No expiration on the Energy - this session can be used
throughout your life to assist with moving beyond the pattern of
the session.

A Powerful Healing for Self
A Powerful Healing for your Family
A Powerful Healing for Humanity

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Covenant Clearing

This energy session focuses on clearing all the agreements made on your behalf across all the generations of your family.
Vows like Chastity, Poverty, Forsaking of Love....


This energy session clears the hindrances to receiving positive support, love, connection from the universe.

Seed Sounds

Sacred tones sounds and mantras
help us to release old patterning and
welcome new light of creation.


Clears blocks to receiving Fullness.
Fullness is Fullness of Life, Light and Grace,
beyond just being Happy, Pure Happiness!

The Flow of ALL Love

This energy session helps to clear patterns relating to the blocking of Love.

Access Abilities

This energy healing session is designed for working on patterns that have to do with opening to full creative power.
Creates stillness, and a peaceful space to allow access to our abilities

Shining Your Light in the World

This healing session helps to purify emotional injuries from the past
that may prevent you from actual progress in your daily life or that keeps you from being who you Truly are.

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