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Jenifer Diva - E-Lybra Aquarian Lightworker Support - Quantum Healing

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Quantum Healing Energy system developed in awareness with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul that works over time and space distance on the mind, body, and energy fields to create overall well-being.  The Aquarian Lightworker Program was specifically designed to support lightworkers during these times of change for well-Being in body, mind, and spirit.  Sign Up at

Adam Gainsburg - Soul Astrology

Soul Astrology and sound therapy for aligning to your soul's purpose. Astrology books, meditation techniques, and breathwork for actualizing the evolutionary potentials in your astrology chart. Breath of the Soul training.

Lynda Hill - Sabian Symbols Astrology

Astrological readings and consultations based on the work of the potent Sabian Symbols. Amazingly powerful for those who like working with imagery and potent energy of the Sabian Symbols.  Her blog regarding upcoming moon and celestial events is most enlightening

June Collier

Astrological Readings help with understanding your chart from a western real life perspective. Email or call for an appointment 276-655-3748

Lifewave Patches

non-drug patches that stimulate accupressure points for increasing energy, healing meridians, and assisting with sleep, anti-aging and weight reduction.

Some of our recommended friends include:

Circle of Healers
Where holistic healers meet...discussion forums, daily health journal, articles, a practitioners directory and more! 


Health and
Information, Tips And Inspiration For A Healthier, Happier Life



 The group that initially brought in the Tools of Genesis, which we use during some of our calls. They bring magnificent healing. You may go to their website to view the tools and bring them into your awareness. Or see our BioGenesis page.

They have a conference call Wednesday evenings at 9pmEst/6pmPst.
Telephone number 712 432 0075
Code: 142 578#  


Join the live Moon Calls. Sign Me Up to be Reminded of Upcoming Calls.



Meditations are valued at over $57and you get FREE "DK 3 Ray Essentials" and bi-monthly soul fire meditations with articles.

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