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Pan Recalibration Process
 This process is a way to allow Pan the Ascended Master to help you be in synch with the Earth changes and frequency changes that are occurring in Nature all around us.

Use when you feel particularly out of sync.  You are out of sync when you feel clumsy or like moving around is more effortful than normal, or your thinking is cloudy, or emotions are off.

Call a Coning

A Coning is a Balanced Energy Circle around you that allows energy to both come in for healing and be released appropriately so you don’t overwhelm your energy system.

Ask to be connected with:

1     Soul and Monad Self

2         A. The Overlighting Deva of Healing, 

        B. The Overlighting Deva of “All That You ARE”,

        C. The Overlighting Deva of “These Times of Change We Are In”,  

        D. The Overlighting Deva of “Where You Are Going”.

 3        A. Pan The Ascended Master

         B. Gaia

4   Highest Level Positive Only Aligned Team of:

       A.      Keeper of the Directions

       B.      GrandMothers and GrandFathers of the Universe or Multiverse feel which is right for you

       C.      ArchAngels

       D.      Angels

       E.       Ascended Masters

State Clearly “Only those with the Highest Positive Light are allowed within the circle.  All Others, please remain outside.”

Once you feel your team engaged you may ask for assistance with Calibrating to the Earth Changes around you.

Lay Down Quietly for about 15 minutes and allow them to do an energy calibration session on you.

When they are done you will know it. 

 Sit quietly for a few moment and listen – asking if there is anything you need to know to maintain your synchronized calibration with the Earth?

Thank each part of the team as you disengage.

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