Healing for Earthquakes

Finding and Keeping Your Stability

The Middle Pillar Technique

For many years the teachers and masters have encouraged the learning of and useage of this powerful Esoteric Centering Technique.  This meditation provides powerful centering and activation of all 5 of the Orbs on the Middle Pillar of light at the center of your being. 

These Orbs are the Source Engines that power the flow of light from the universe into all of the pathways of light around the body.  When in alignment and in conscious connection, blockages in other areas can be totally rebalanced.

These energies feed the Extraordinary Meridians of the Heart and Soul, as well as the Meridians and Chakras.

Potent Central Energy Healing Skill - 37 minutes - guided healing Esoteric Skills Meditation.

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Earth Healing Calls -
These listed below are archive recordings of our regular monthly calls on the 3rd Monday of each month. To subscribe or to learn more go to this page.

Bounty of Being - Create a deep feeling of sanctuary deep inside.

Faith in Nature - staying in the energy of All Is Well and feeling the positive realignments that are occurring.

Deep Earth Healing - Healing the deep energy patterns of light in the Earth - to help prevent Earthquakes and other intense events.

$19 each or two for $25 and Three for $32 ~ See the drop down menu below..

Earth Healing for Stability

Tools to Ease the Shaking of the Earth

BioGenesis Pyramids - Ascended Master Lantos who helped bring these tools to us again speaks of the Pyramid to be dispersed to as many populated places as possible to help control the shaking of the Earth.

The pyramids both restore Harmony to their surroundings in all ways and to all beings - including the Earth herself.

The 8-Sided Pyramid also is for creating connection to the other realms of light and bringing Peace and silence; as well as, success to both the space it inhabits and those who dwell there.

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