What is BioGenesis?


BioGenesis is a powerful system that takes the Light of Creation Genesis Energy and allows access to use it for particular types of energetic help with spiritual and emotional level healing and purposes.

"Look at the pictures on the website - Some of you will immediately resonate with these. They stir something very deeply in some people. I list a few combinations of tools to use for healing specific things in life.“

As part of the regular tele-conference calls we offer each month, we had one for the last two years called- The Family Pattern Clearing Calls. These calls were designed to remove patterns from the genetic history of family blood lines.
The BioGenesis Tools are used in this process.
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Tips and Tools for Healing with BioGenesis

The BioGenesis Pyramid  BiogenesisSmaller/BioGenesisPyramid.jpg
Restores Harmony to wherever it is located by holding and training negative energy with positive light. For use in homes and offices to restore Harmony. May help balance the Earth to help with earthquakes.

The Clear 8 Sided Pyramid  BioGenesis 8 Sided Pyramid
Also Restores Harmony. In addition, creates deep quiet for rest and peace. Great in the bedroom to help deeper sleep. “Establishes a connection with the Celestial Realms of Light, Beings of Light, Angelic Messengers. The 8-sided Pyramid will bring more energy, greater happiness, success and fulfillment.”

Shield of Genesis
For protection of interfering, EMFs, energies or the storm of Fear in Consciousness~
Also protective from Viruses and Illnesses. Seems to help Empaths do better in the world, less picking up others stuff in yourself – still aware but not oversensitive

BioGenesis Wand   BiogenesisSmaller/BG-Wand-Sm.jpg
Anxiety and Depression or any Mental issues – including Autism and Dementia.  Sleep with the Wand under your bed, brush around the head each day. Wear and Sleep with Dark Purple Progress Ring. 

Since illness is composed of different layers of imbalance, these tools have been reported to have some interesting impact of physical illnesses.

Digestion and Concentration
(Digestion is symbolic of breaking down and assimilating all forms of energy)
To improve Digestion~ Green Regeneration Wheel or Progress Wheel

Treatment with the Full Rays Transformation Wheel followed by the Full Rays Regeneration Wheel
(you can book a private session (can be done long-distance)

BioOscillator Clearing Toxins and Removing their Effect 
Use for People or Plants or The Earth (such as Oceans).          BiogenesisSmaller/BioOscillator_Sm.jpg   
If it cannot remove the toxin it makes the toxin no longer have a negative effect on the organisms. Such as having a bar or a pin in a joint the metal cannot be removed from the bones but the Oscillator makes the metal no longer have a negative effect on the organism. Radiation cannot be removed, but its negative effects can be nullified.

Money Flow Issues
With wearing the Clear Transformation Wheels.  For Good Fortune in a Business and Accounts Receivables, Bank Account Growth Along with the Clear Pyramid in the Office, Pyramid of Genesis in Business Itself. Wand in Cash Drawer. Wand in Bank Statements and/or Accounts receiveables.


NOTE:  Material presented is Not Intended to Diagnose or Treat any Medical Condition.  Please consult your healthcare provider for health issues.


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