Creating Light Sanctuaries

Energetic Land Stewardship

Attention: Real Estate Professionals with Stagnant listings,
Homeowners ready to Sell

Dear Enlightened Land Steward,

Do you dread another day going by without an offer on your listing? Are you really ready to move to the next property?

< Are at a loss for what else to try (besides you did all the cookie and coffee smells, the nice music the fluffy towels in the bathrooms ----- and still nothing)

< Envious (in a good way) of other houses quickly sell, (and wanting some of that income for yourself.)

< Keep seeing other houses in the area sell while yours sits. (its makes you wonder what's wrong with your property).

< Are tired of having open house after open house (and not feeling that your offerings really have that special sparkle.)

< Do you Feel sick every time you go in that house. (You know something isn't right - but don't know how to change that yuck feeling there)

< Know there are easier ways to work with land (even seemingly miraculous ones - but just don't know where to look to learn those skills)

Do you have property that is stagnant. No one is going into it - or worse yet, they do go in and breeze through and immediately leave? No comments, no interest - just out the door.

Janet was an agent with a beautiful listing. Lots of upgrades. The clients had de-cluttered and staged the house - but the offers weren't coming. No one connected with this house.

Even with the brighter lights, smells of cookies, and soft music, no one was interested or their interest waned quickly when they spent more time in the house.

What Janet knew is property owner had been sick in the house. What Janet didn't know, is before this owner, the previous owners had fought a lot and had had a very tumultuous divorce in the house. This house held a lot of suffering.

The Truth is people buy houses on emotional feel ......

and this house didn't feel good, it felt yucky!

Janet was looking for a way to turn the property - she needed to sell a house this month and she was tired of trying to sell this one. She had shown it too many times and wanted to get the offer and be done with it. The owner needed to move closer to family and needed the money that selling would give. There was lots of pressure to sell.

Janet didn't want to lose the listing and didn't want to lose the income.

She asked the owner if she could try something new on the house - clear the house of stagnant energy. The owner said Yes! So Janet followed the easy and simple steps in my product.

She cleared the stagnant energy.

Less than two weeks later the house had offers ...... at the price the owner wanted!

That's right, at the price the owner wanted.

In less than a month the property closed and the owner moved out - Janet got her commission and all were happy.

I'll show you the quick and simple skills to this.

You'll feel better and complete the contract with this land you are now working with, quickly, easily, and simply!

Copyright 2012 Katherine Wright Desai


Vitability Associates
Katherine Wright Desai, Phd