Wesak 2011 Blessing Journey

Receive the Light and Blessings 

Wesak is a powerful blessings, healing, initiation and homecoming experience.
Each year for one day the Buddha, Christ and Three Star One give
blessings in the Valley of Wesak in the Himalayas.
Lightworkers and Earth Keepers gather together to share in their
light and renew their commitment to assist during these times of
Initiations into higher and deeper understandings and planning
sessions for upcoming service are conducted.
Special healing temples are opened inside the mountains for visitors
to be renewed for their year of service ahead.
This year more than ever the presence of Star Seed Beings is
very evident.  Gatherings for assisting with esoteric knowledge
are very visible.
In addition, The Ascended Masters are here for conversations and
powerful teachings to help you on your journey.
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