10 10 10 Balance Attunement

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This work is supported through your generous sharing donations. 
Please contribute to our Blue Bowl Offering if you are guided.

This is one of the most powerful energy healing attunements I have ever channeled.
Please listen to it in Sacred Space when you will not be interrupted during the listening of it.
Ideally listen when you will be able to rest afterward.
Be sure you have water nearby.  During the first listening please have another vessel of water as well that you drink as you intuit over the next few days to help you integrate.
May you be in grace and joy and celebrate ease in your daily life as we move forward in these times of change.
Please share this Balance attunement with others with a link back to our website so they may support the blue bowl and share it with others around the world.

All are welcome at the event regardless of ability to Pay. 
Suggested Donation - $15 or more.
Unfortunately, due to the transaction fees on Paypal minimum donation accepted is $5.
All are welcome at the event regardless of ability to Pay.  
If you are unable to donate $15 US Equivalent, please particpate in the Blue Bowl Donation by paying the energy forward in your community.

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