Clearing Deeply - Pattern Clearing Series


Are you ready to blast off?

You know you are here to do something. You feel that whisper or sometimes yell from your heart of hearts and your guides and angels calling you into your greatest light.

Now its time to launch!! If only you didn't keep feeling this old patterns miring your down, you could really soar.

Some of the patterns or beliefs or feelings you are aware of - belief in self - fear of failing - even fear of success. Some of them you may not be aware of.

Imagine a clearing series that is gentle, kind, easy, and full of yummy supporting energy. This is it.

This series of 27 days is ready to help you get going. It is designed in collaboration with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, Ascended Master Serapis Bey and Mary Magdalene. It represents the marriage of the power of ease of the Divine Feminine along with all the knowledge and energetic light of the mystery schools.

Ascended Master Serapis Bey is focused energetically on helping you gently and easily transmute the old to manifest your supported Soul Light throughout the cells of the body.

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul is a kind and gentle teacher who makes complicated esoteric information very accessible.

This series is designed to help you shed the old patterns that keep getting in your way and BE the Light of the Truth that you ARE - your Soul Fire.

You can begin at any time you are ready to launch.

Daily Audio Clearing Meditations will be delivered by email.

Start Today!

3 Cycles of 9 Days Addressing

27 Total Energetic Attunement Pattern Clearings

We will clear and address:

1 - Belief of Self as worthy - Self - Esteem (relationship to self, universe and money)

2 -Deep Fear

3 -Stopping your Light and Flow of Abundance (relationship to money)

4 -Disconnection from Spirit - Deep Grief

5 -Forsaking your Calling - Depression and Sadness

7 - Chaos to cover Divine Alignment -

8 - Anger/Frustration of the Should

9 - Blocking True Joy

$99 Deep Clearing Series

"These clearings are priceless!

You are doing a huge service.

Thank you."

Deborah, Author, "A New Day Is Dawning", Florida

"I am really loving the clearing audios you are sending. It's remarkable (though of course it's NOT) that I feel things shifting just before you say, "And you will feel this in your head, though not in the regular way you might expect" or whatever. Fun. And time well spent.

This is really terrific and I am so grateful for it, and for how easy the clearing is going."
Jane Beard, Energy-Based Performance Coach

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