Beyond 2012 Transformation Clearing and Envisioning

Clearing and Envisioning Beyond 2012

Beyond 2012, What?  Well according to the Team - lots.  Lots and lots .....
If the phrase 2012 Transformation strikes terror and strong physical responses in your body from all the hype these two healing meditation and teachings for calming and clearing old patterns triggered by the energy of changes that are all around us.
Just like animals attune to deep energies and Know things ahead of time - so do we.  We as a collective group of humans are connected to something bigger and many of us feel the changes already beginning.
From family lines experiences and simply the Jungian Super Conscious that stores the experiences of every human who ever lived.....we have access to knowledge that taps us into patterns that lead to deep fear and other odd un- and sub-conscious emotions, thoughts, and belief patterns.
These patterns can put us into functioning on almost auto-pilot rather than tapped into our Higher vibrations and more creative abilities that will serve us well as we enter into The Age of Aquarius.
Change is a certainty .... its time for it .... calamity and cataclysm is NOT.....
Clear your fear and align to your higher vibrations so the trasitions are easier to move through.
75 minute teleconference
Part 1 - Clearing All Energy Bodies - available on Audio MP3 download
Part 2 - Envisioning and Aligning - available on Audio MP3 download
You will receive both audios immediately to download and work with on your own timing.   Be sure to save the Thank Page location so you can download them again if you have any problems...
$25 includes both Potent healing Attunements

We understand that some are having money issues at this time, or live in countries where the economy is extremely effected.  You can still participate, donate what you can, and pay it forward.

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