Healing for Money and Abundance

Healing Money and Abundance Issues

Many lightworkers and world servers believe that money is of the world
and shouldn't be part of their lives.  These beliefs often hinder and keep
small breadth and depths of their service.

Deeply held beliefs from many lifetimes and/or the family line can hinder
overall success of the most well-meaning and pure intentioned lightworker.
In these times of change serving and shining your light brightly and broadly
is of greatest service to All.

There are 4 levels to approach when working with Money and abundance issues.
That allow the belief to be transmuted so that you vibrate at the level of

Money being connected to the power to create great good in the World.
Helps Clear 9 Areas that can hinder overall success and beliefs related to receiving abundance.
This is the cellularly integrated Attunement to the 4th Ray Positive of the 12 Rays of Creation, which allows you to carry in your body,  for yourself and all those around you, the energy of positive relationships and a Deep Harmony which is profoundly related to the energy of Money.
Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and the Council of White Light teach and lead this potent mastery skill method for clearing deeply held beliefs and blockages to prevent lightworkers from receiving money and abundant support.
This most yummy channeling of ArchAngel Metatron is deeply healing.   When listened to over time the teaching and healing becomes more and more integrated to create a positive understanding of the abundance that surrounds each of us at each and every moment.
Powerful clearing and opening of the extraordinary meridian channels to allow the energy of your soul and heart to shine outward and magnetize money and support for you and your world service.

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