Wesak Energy Balance & Clearing Audios

Wesak Blessings of the Yellow Masters
Representing all the Energy Healing for this time

Wesak Energy of Transformation

Opening and Flowing the Channels of Light
Clearing and Flowing the flows of the elements for the Earth
and within yourself.  Earth Healing to ease the pushing of
the energy of Emergence so it flows easily and gracefully
and unfolds in right timing rather than bursting violently forth
creating havoc in its wake.
This attunement allows the energy of the elements:  Metal,
Water, Fire, and Earth associated with the rivers of light
within and around your body and those in
the Earth to flow more smoothly.
This energy balacing audio is best listened to
before bed or when you have time to rest and
relax afterward. 
This recording is deeply relaxing and requires
time for uninterrupted listening.  44 minutes
in length.
You may put it on as you drift to sleep
and receive great benefit from resting afterward.
Recorded on Earth Day as part of the Earth Healing
Circle project.  Each recording stands on its own
and can be experienced as part of the ongoing series.
Purchase this recording
You will receive a link to download the MP3
immediate play on your computer or copy it to
your MP3 player and/or make a CD for yourself.
$18 special until the Full Moon May 13

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Money and Abundance Healing and Clearing
The Council of White Light with
Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
teach and guide the mastery
skill tool Blue Pool Triangle for
clearing deeply held patterns
in the mind, body, and emotional
body regarding money and abundance.
This attuneement and guided clearing guides
you through clearing three of the main beliefs
and money blocks that hinder humanity in
receiving and flowing with money and abundance well.
You may have cleared with the blue pool or
the blue triangle before - techniques that
Vywamus with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
taught through Janet McClure and through Terri Newlon. 
This guided audio teaches a different way of working
with the tools together in a new way.
The level of energy vibration of the Earth has
increased and the level of mastery of the lightworkers
is growing by leaps and bounds.  This new combined
skill guides you to skillfully move with these potent
healing energies to create more ease and grace and
improve the flow of resources in your life.
This is great preparation for the opportunities humanity
will be increasingly facing as we move through the
next few month and 2014.
$27 or discounted with the purchase of another Wesak Guided Event.

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Wesak Blessing Teleconference
Guided Journey with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and The Council of Light to the Valley of Wesak for blessings and reunions with fellow lightworkers and special Ascended Masters and Helper Guides/Angels.
Even if you missed the LIVE call you can
get the audio and do the journey.
You will receive the benefits of journey.
Missed it?  Don't worry the audio to listen to and download will be sent right on the Thank you page to download immediately or listen right then on your computer. 

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