Exquisite Joy

Attune the the Energy of Exquisite Joy and FLOW!



Lovely, Wonderful, Powerful!

The Council of Light and the Masters of the 9th Ray Positive energy channeled through Katherine Wright Desai attune your body and teach you skills for mastering the energy of Exquisite Joy in your daily living.

The Audio is encoded with healing energy and light to help you align and attune to the vibration and resonance of 9th Ray Positive energy of Exquisite Joy and Flow.

Deeply relax and fill yourself with the energy of joy -
feel the energy of flow move beyond the blockages and tensions in your field and physical body. Experience the happy shifts in perspective and resonance in your energy body.

This product 2 Powerful healing classes on the body and the breath of joy.

~~~~ Attune to the Energy of Exquisite Joy and Flow.

~~~~ Be Guided into Deep relaxation that allows deep sub-cellular permeation of Exquisite Joy and Flow.

~~~~ Learn Esoteric Anatomy pathways to utilize Exquisite Joy Fully.

~~~~ Learn 3 Potent Breaths for moving beyond blockages and creating powerful resonance of Exquisite Joy deep within.

Receive 2 Potent Energy Attunements
and powerful teachings for embodying
and living Exquisite Joy.

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Want to Deeply Embody Exquisite Joy?

Get the Exquisite Joy Exercise Workbook with the Audio.
Special Potent Energy Encoded Step-by-step guided meditation and attunement exercises.

The Exercise Workbooks come from 4 Separate Classes.
Over 30 pages of assistance and support from the Masters of Exquisite Joy to help you live fully in flow and Joy.

The exercises from the 2 teachings on the audio are detailed AND there are TWO MORE Attunements of Exquisite Joy and deep clearing for holding even more joy.

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Ready to serve more and more from joy?
The 9th Ray Positive is for Ex-Qui-site Joy and Divine Flow.
Attune your cells to carry the vibration of positive-only light of Ex-Qui-site Joy and Divine Flow for making joy more available in your daily life and as service that more joy and flow with Divine Light be available in the world.

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