'Esoteric in the Everyday' Monthly Tele Conference Calls

We offer many different ways to explore energy, to do world service, to heal yourself and your world. The focus of all our work is - Peace- both inside ourselves and out in the world.
For indeed, all work is self work~ and as you become more Joy-filled and Peace-full the world around you responds and changes.

You are invited to try one of the calls live one time or subscribe monthly.
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The Moon Calls

Come live twice a month on the first and third Wednesdays. Or become a subscriber and receive the recordings of the call as well.

Attune and align to the positive only astrological and cosmological influences occurring at that time. The recordings contain the attunement and healing energies.

Once a month call, on the Third Sunday Evening of each month, with occasional spontaneous calls for service work.
What is occuring in the Earth is a reflection of each of our personal energies.  These healing calls focus on one aspect of the Earth that needs healing and attunes our own energy bodies and then offers that potent healing World Service to the Earth.


Join us once a month on the last Thursday. This gathering is an 
In-Depth process for Living Consciously
and Embodying the highest level Positive Rays of Creation. Inner circle esoteric teachings and practices given. 

You may subscribe below to One call or to All calls each month. Click on the arrow to see the choices..

Keeping The Light
 Free recordings of a free call that was offered in Fall of 2012. They are a collection of energy encoded audios alignments about 5- 10 minutes each.
These audios help to create calm and steadiness within you, to create and peace and prospering for you and for all. 

  World Peace Attunements - Just like Reiki Attunements impart a vibratory frequency of positive healing light - these attunements are to the vibration of the most positive possibilities for humanity, the Earth, and All Sentient Beings when the Golden Age of Aquarius is fully realized.

  LightKeepers Wave-
A 2 month series of energy encoded audios delivered right to your inbox for developing your Aura during this time of the great transformation.

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