Vitability is Vitality, Energy and Life Abilities! 
We are dedicated to helping people create the lives they will love living. Creating a life one truly loves can involve many different areas of focus. We are a place for learning about your path to true healing and balance.

We believe that the best path to health is one that is compatible with the whole person. The ultimate goal is to become the

Light of the Truth that You Are
and to shine it brightly into the world. We seek to help people find the appropriate path to assist this process. We teach skills and abilities to help with creating true Well-Being.

One way we offer this is with
 Teleconference Calls and Classes

We join together in community when we call into our conference phone number on a variety of esoteric energy calls

You may join one call, one time, or sign up as a subscriber
(and ongoing supporter) each month.  Choose your subscription level below.

Teachings for Energetically Aware

 Many people are beginning to notice their wisdom in new ways (e.g., Knowing things in their bones, seeing ahead of time, special smells that indicate certain things, body sensations that have meaning).

We offer indivual and group teaching for skills development and assistance with understanding the abilities that many have. Often those who are highly sensitive feel others emotions and may find themselves often feeling anxious, sad, or keyed up for no reason they can identify. Skills are taught to help one hold their own clearer, stronger field so one is less affected by others emotions, and is better able utilize their own gifts.


Pre-birth Parenting

For those who wish to develop a special relationship and deeply nurture their child from very early, during critical times of development. Pregnancy can be an amazing, spiritual experience. Many people talk about meeting their child in dreams, and starting to know their child's personality and preferences very early. This is a process of connecting with the needs and wishes of the souls that are choosing to come in through their family.

Develop Skills as a Spiritual/Energetic LightWorker
A lightworker is anyone drawn to spread more light and positive vibration in the world. Lightworkers may or may not have a "Healing" practice where they see clients. Simply holding a clear vibration of joy while out in the world (e.g. in traffic, waiting in line with frustrated people around, walking down the street) affects the world in a positive way.

We teach skills to help one with holding their light and positive vibration more strongly, more easily, and more often in their lives.


Blessings of Light to You

Please look around the site and follow the links to other pages that naturally appeal to you.  Follow your intuition and heart.

If you would like assistance with learning skills or a session for guidance feel free to contact us:
Katherine Wright Desai         (301) 279-8709       

Katherine Wright Desai

My personal sessions with Katherine over the past ten years
have made all the difference in my being able to create a
life in alignment with my soul’s purpose. I could NOT have
done it without her. Now, as we include the biogenesis tools
 - even in long distance healing sessions over the phone -
 I am in awe of how our work is amplified. I feel energized
and clear for many days after our sessions. Katherine is
such a gift! I highly recommend her to everyone!

Analesa BatShema   
Singer, Artist and Global Leadership Consultant

"After one consultation with Katherine, I knew I had to work with her. I traveled all the way from England to Potomac, Md to spend 3 Days privately with Katherine in the beautiful surroundings of the Bolger Centre, which was truly wonderful. Our time together brought forward to the light aspects of myself which had been trying to push through for sometime, but couldn't.

Katherine's skill and expertise made the process safe and potently creative for which I have heartfelt gratitude. I was able to return home to England with the sense of being more of who I really am, fully present in everyday moments of my life." -----

Jenifer Diva, Alternative Health Consultant

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